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  1. Kevin O Brien

    We are a very enviromentally concious company. We specialise in wide format digital print - Mainly Point Of Sale items for customers, as such we have quite a large volume of PVC waste which has been printed upon. We have tried for over 18 months to find someone who will recycle this material, from PVC specialists to DTI etc, but to no success. Our only option remaining is to landfill the baled waste - unless anyone can come up with a suggestion
  2. gaby b-s

    REDUCE-if u r eating out dont over-oder or if ur dish comes with something u wont eat or too much of it tell the waiter not to bring that,otherwise u know its going to end up in the bin,(probably not even a compost bin).its unnecesary waste and the expense of producing it.
    REUSE-like refuse collier(CK) said,reuse things,i give old magazines to my gp practice,used envelopes/letters for my son to draw on.u should give every possible use to items,they can have many many lifes! better for the enviroment and ur pocket =) also with food...dont throw away left overs,if its in good condition then make it into a soup,or add some egg and cheese and make urself an ommelette!
    RECYCLE-i am proud to say i recycle about 80% of our waste and i have a baby in nappies!i take out 1 little shopping size bag with 'pooey' waste every 2-3 days, and 2 recylcing bags a day!(way too much unnecesary packaging now a days...) Have ur sorting bins handy (mine r under the sink).
    It's everyones responsibility, spread the word!
  3. ReuseCollier

    I think the best way and what everyone should always consider BEFORE recycling is RE-USE. There are so many things you don’t need to throw away, but can keep and youse twice, thrice, more... plastic bags, paper bags, egg-cartons, letter-envelopes (yes, keep them, re-use them, stick a new sticker on them... the world would already be a much better place.), bath water for flushing the toilet if you want, the back of an old poster for your kids to draw great pictures on -- you name it, it’s got it. The list just goes on and on. Share! Best, CK.

    Hi Ken in many cases it is always the intention for local authorities to have all recyclables sent for reprocessing. It is an unfortunate fact however that not all companies share the same ethical values. Many recycling companies are driven by money and money alone this will enivitably result in some material going to less than environmentally friendly destinations.
  5. Concerned Ken

    Why is it I keep seeing programs that are telling me about waste that is not being recycled instead it is being found thousands of miles away in third world countries.

    Well Ben it is down to local authorities to set the boundaries for what can and cant be done within their constituency. Local authorities have a set of requirements and targets set at national level which need to be attained and in order to achieve the necessary targets often the authority will and can place fines on people for not being responsible with waste and not helping the area achieve its targets. I am aware of some authorites who are carrying out bin inspections as a pilot to identify household recycling levels. Everyone needs to do their bit so lets welcome these fines and make our environment a better place.
  7. Ben Flint

    Is it true that councils can charge you for not recycling your waste?
  8. monica summers

    I work for a well known charity. Thousands of books go through our hands. As we get so many,they naturally have to be culled regularly, so the unsold ones go straight into the bin by the ton over a period of time. There seem to be no other way of disposing these unwanted books. This is a sin. It must happen with many of the charity shops throughout the country. There must be an answer to this. It could bring well needed money to our charity and help either needy people or recycle new paper. I understand the glue on books is a problem with recycling into paper. Wouln't you think there would be a way of cutting it off.? Yours truely Monica Summers.

    Well Janet to start with the answer is you will see more and more recycled paper as being environmentally aware and concious is becoming evermore important to find out how to recycle paper click here to view our information section on paper recycling.
  10. Janet

    I have always wondered how you recycle paper, there seems to be so many things which say made from recycled paper like greetings cards and even new looking printer paper - how is it done?

    I couldnt agree with you more Claire - however we cannot provide a service to cover the enitre nation! The best way to start making a difference where you live is by speaking with your local MP or by contacting your local waste authority. Make your suggestion heard!
  12. Claire Conroy

    Can you get the whole country to recycle as they throw away like we do here in Milton Keynes and get the government to give incentives to those who recycle the most.With you lot being in charge of it all of course.

    Hi Ted - your light bulbs if still in good working order would be best recycled by being reused until they die out - try giving them to someone who has not upgraded to energy savers yet alternatively any company who recycles waste electronics will be able to handle normal light bulbs - they will shred them and then seperate the glass from the metallic fractions individually recycling each
  14. Ted Roberts

    I have just replaced existing standard light bulbs with low energy bulbs. I now have 21 fully working standard light bulbs which I would like to dispose of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Any (serious only)suggestions will be welcome.
  15. Charlie

    I think that with recycling it can be unfair i feel that they do not give out enough bags for cardboard and plastic and do not feel that there is any need for us to go and buy them because you dont provide enough i also think that it is not collected often enough and is left rotting in the garden for the children to trip over its worng!