Recycling Cooking Oil

Frying tonight?

Can I recycle cooking oil?

No. Only large amounts of cooking oil from restaurants or factories can be collected for recycling.

  • Household cooking oil currently cannot be recycled.

How should I dispose of cooking oil?

  • Small amounts of cooking oil can be disposed of with the rest of your household rubbish. If possible, allow it to solidify by cooling down before throwing it away.
  • Don't pour cooking oil down the drain as it causes problems when it solidifies.
  • For restaurant or factory oil, please contact your local authority who will help you dispose of it

Re-use your cooking oil

Feed the birds! Small amounts of used lard and fat can be mixed with seeds to make bird cake

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  1. Janet Calder

    Where i work we have a heater which runs off used cooking oil its called a clean and burn. Maybe they can be supplied with the oil for their machines.
  2. Jo Fox

    Used vegetable cooking oil can be added to the garden soil or compost heap as it contains minerals that will be useful to soil quality. Make sure it is distributed in small amounts.